What do you get when you mix a former high school English teacher,
an M.Ed in Instructional Psychology,
and a background in marketing and advertising?  (10 points)

  A.  someone who spends lonely Friday nights trolling the internet for grammar mistakes

  B.  a cross between South Park’s Mr. Garrison and Mad Men’s Peggy Olsen, mmmmkay

  C.  brain damage from sniffing too many white-board markers and a self-diagnosed personality disorder

  D.  some seriously educated content

  Answer:  (D)  The only place you can find seriously educated content is with someone so serious about education and copywriting, they’ve devoted their life to it.

  If you answered (A): This is only sometimes true (depending on the Netflix line-up that month).  

  If you answered (B):  Come on! No self-respecting English teacher would have a hand puppet. As if English teachers need an excuse to talk to themselves…

  If you answered (C):  This is only partly true. Fun fact: some historians think Van Gogh’s genius came from tasting his paints. The same must apply to marker fumes, right?

What is “seriously educated content”?

It’s content that builds your authority by establishing you as a thought leader.

It’s keyword optimized and rich with quality backlinks.

It engages your audience
by providing them with the information they crave,
using the voice they trust.

Because “seriously educated content”
doesn’t always have to sound serious,
but it’s always serious about your business.

Hi, I’m Teagan– headmistress of copy, lead teacher of marketing content. I survived a 14-year career teaching high school English to return back to my roots in advertising and marketing. Now, I create marketing content and instructional materials for companies that aren’t satisfied with just earning a passing grade– they want to be at the top of their class.

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I create a wide range of products and serve a variety of industries. But my specialty (and why all the cool kids take my class) is informative content. This works two ways:

I make you sound human.
You understand your product or service. You think your company is top-notch. But your customers need a little more explanation and persuasion.  I’ll create a Shakespeare-worthy narrative for your company (minus the intrigue, violence,  uh, sex…) Scratch that… I’ll create a really compelling (and PG-rated) narrative for your company and product copy that will reach (not confound) your audience.

I create content that provides added-value for your savvy customers. There’s no fluff here. No quizzes on what your breakfast says about your personality… no filler content auto-generated from a mill overseas. I produce high-quality, research-focused content that establishes your industry-authority and builds a loyal customer base.

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Really felt like I had a partner and not a contractor. 10/10 would hire again.
Stewart Holley, Vialok


Send me a note, and I’ll contact you during my office hours to discuss how I can help you meet your content marketing goals.

Be sure to tell me a little about your company, product or service, and content needs.  Once I have a clear idea of your campaign goals, we can discuss rates and project turnaround.

Don’t trust the contact form? Email me at teagan@teagancarlson.com.

I look forward to learning more about your business!

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