Hiring a freelancer is a big decision; you’re handing over an important job to someone you’ve probably never even met in person.
How do you know she’ll be responsible?
How can you be certain he’s even qualified?


– M.Ed. Psychology
– B.A. Honors English Literature

   Certificates and Training

– HubSpot Inbound Certification 2018
– HubSpot Content Marketing Certification 2018
– Google Ads Fundamentals (certified 10/22/2018)
– Hub Spot SEO training 2018
– Conversion Copywriting 101 by CopyHackers
– Single Subject Teaching Credential, Language Arts



Experience and Expertise

I have agency experience.

With Hamilton Advertising, Inc., I managed the following accounts:

      ♠ Forever 21
      ♣ One Clothing
      ♥ Girl Cosmetics
      ♦ CBGB Fashions

I was a pretty Type-A kind-of manager and Hamilton was a boutique firm.  I didn’t let anyone else touch my client’s copy.

I have in-house writing and marketing experience.

With CamSight Co., Inc., a dental technology and software manufacturer,  I learned to take complicated material and turn it into something user-friendly and engaging.   I acted as their lead writer and then was promoted to marketing specialist.

I also have extensive persuasive writing expertise.

I am a credentialed English teacher with fifteen years of experience teaching everything from English Language Development to Advanced Placement Rhetoric.  School House Rock is my jam. Aristotle is my muse. 

And then there’s the psychology background…

My Master’s degree in Educational Psychology allows me to better understand your target audience. It also shows I can conduct intensive research in industries that other copywriters may find too challenging or dull.

Dependability and Diligence

As an account executive, I worked late nights revising ad copy to meet production deadlines.

As an English teacher, I spent weekends grading papers to appease high-maintenance teenagers.  They were by far the most demanding clientele…

When you hire me, you can be assured you’re hiring a freelancer who can clearly communicate and meet your expectations for quality and turnaround.  

Diversity and… Dorkiness

Some of my experience makes me look cool. I mean, Hilly Krystal hung out at my place and gave me a personal tour of the original CBGBs (with lots of dishing about the old days!). I also attended some pretty cool fashion shows where I met a bunch of celebrities.  But in all honesty, I didn’t even know who most of them were…

Because, to tell you the truth, I’m just a dork in disguise. A dork who loves Settlers of Catan, Skyrim and anything zombies.  A dork who lists becoming CERT-trained as one of her greatest achievements.  A dork who owns far many more books than designer clothing.

A dork… without a really good disguise.

Models: Bilbo Baggins and Dobby-The-House-Elf

Just take a look at my personal assistants– Bilbo Baggins-of-the-Shire and Dobby-the-House-Elf.  We’d love to help you with your content marketing needs– the dorkier, the better. (Actually, Bilbo Baggins may soon be let go. He has a tendency to sleep on the job, and his flatulence annoys the other members of our team. But don’t worry, he’ll be given a very generous severance package full of dog biscuits).