Articles, Blogs, and Press Releases

To establish industry authority,
your content has to be more than well written.

It needs to be well-researched
with outbound links to credible sources.

It needs to be keyword optimized,
making use of proper headings for SEO.

It needs to engage your audience,
offering informative content without
being preachy or overly academic,
using a voice that speaks to your personas–
drawing them down the funnel,
so they stop the spin of that flywheel
for just a moment…
and are converted.

Tech, Martech, Fintech

Used Correctly, Programmatic is B2Bs Best Mousetrap
blog commissioned by Alter Imaging

What are Data and Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence: And How Are They Revolutionizing the Mortgage Industry?
Keyword Optimized, Backlink Rich blog commissioned by States Title


California’s School Bond Measure Conundrum
an article about school bond measures in California

Want Your Grade-Schooler to Get Into College? Better Start Molding Her Now
an article about how the college admissions process is becoming more difficult, but there are ways to prepare your child for the competition

5 Reasons Your Child Should Learn to Code NOW
Yukodit wanted a top-funnel blog post that would reach their target audience: educated, upper-middle-class parents of young children.

Financial and Legal

7 Things You Should be Doing to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft
ghostwritten, research-based blog on the importance of protecting yourself from identity theft, commissioned and copyright by C.C. Advising

5 Steps to Helping Your Child Build a Positive Credit History
ghostwritten, research-based blog about what parents can do to help their child build positive credit before leaving the nest;  commissioned and copyright by C.C. Advising

How Three Little Numbers Can Have Such a Big Impact on Your Life
ghostwritten, research-based blog about the effects of a low credit score;  commissioned and copyright by C.C. Advising

Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Unauthorized Cryptocurrency Mining
ghostwritten press release, commissioned by Frontier Law Center

Lifestyle and Family

Our Teens are Depressed and Anxious…
Pillar content for Olivia, Rose and Me

Mother’s Little Helper:
a personal narrative about running, parenting, and mental health

Pachyderms and Poo: a Trip to Thailand’s Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
a travel article about the elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Thailand

Fashion, Entertainment, and Retail

Punk Icon CBGB to Release Fashion Line
press release announcing CBGBs new fashion line to be unveiled at MAGIC

The Most Desirable Gift Doesn’t Come in a Box
blog about the value of experiential gifts; commissioned by (please note that the client made changes to content)

Health, Medical, and Dental

The Benefits of CBD Oil
(From a Scientific Perspective and Our Humble Opinion)

Research-based blog explains the benefits of CBD oil (and dispells the myths) 

Silicone Breast Implants are Safer Than Ever
Test article for cosmetic surgery.