Articles and Blogs

To establish topic authority,
your content has to be more than well written.

It needs to be well-researched
with outbound links to credible sources.
It needs to be well-written, to generate inbound links.
It needs to be keyword optimized for SEO.

It needs to be written to compel.

Education and Politics

California's School Bond Measure Conundrum
an article about school bond measures in California

Want Your Grade-Schooler to Get Into College? Better Start Molding Her Now
an article about how the college admissions process is becoming more difficult, but there are ways to prepare your child for the competition


Mother's Little Helper:
a personal narrative about running, parenting, and mental health

Pachyderms and Poo: a Trip to Thailand'sĀ Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
a travel article about the elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Thailand


Helping Your Child Build Positive Credit Health
research-basedĀ blog on credit scoring commissioned by C.C. Advising
sources are footnoted for print distribution