Web and Digital Content

Client:  Carolyn Rose Designs for HomeStyle Bath and Body

Designer:  Carolyn Rose Designs

Project:  Create content for web redesign (pages: landing, products, wholesale, e-commerce, about, benefits, and blog)

Objectives: Create a voice and content branding that aligns with the core values of the company (warm, family-focused, trustworthy, with a touch of humor); write creative product descriptions that explain health benefits of ingredients and differentiates products from others on the market, incorporate research into an informative blog about CBD oil with the intent of educating and persuading audience about its health benefits.

Client: Generouscards.com

Editor: M. Renaud

Project:  create product descriptions and an FAQ page for this start-up (other content created by M.Renaud)

Objectives:  use sophisticated, flirtatious voice to align with brand;  create product descriptions for each of the card options that are engaging and provide possibilities for use– moving buyers from the awareness to interest state; use focused keywords for SEO

Client:  KTBYTE offers coding and computer science instruction online and onsite, for ages 8-18.

Project:  collaborate with KTBYTE’s web designer to create a compelling landing page and FB ads to reach target audience (high SES, educated parents)

Deliverables: consultation with web designer on landing page design and content;  content rewrites; market research through social media

Results: My recommendation was to link student achievement with the product by focusing on the long-term successes of former students. Landing page and campaign resulted in an increase in CTR and conversions.

Client:  Parzen Civic Solutions offers consultation for philanthropists and non-profits.

Project:  Assist with branding and promotion

    – detailed competitive backlink and keyword analysis
– created a strategy for increasing authority through social media and content
    – update and manage website through WordPress
– rewrite some web content to maximize keyword strategy
    – collaboration on content calendar
    – editing, SEO, and research on blogs created by client


Client:  Aha! Santa Barbara
Aha! is a non-profit organization that runs a variety of programs that assist with socio-emotional development in teenagers.

Project:  Create promotional materials for the “Pillar” campaign and “Sing it Out” program.

    – content for Pillar campaign
– social-media posts for Pillar campaign
– emails to promote Sing it Out


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