Training and User Guides

Engage Financial Training: Hour-long, instructor-led course on debt management. Deliverables included a scripted facilitator guide, a participant guide with worksheets and resources, visual presentations and quizzes. All content included embedded citations with an emphasis on primary sources.

Achieve eLearning: M-learning scripts created for various courses on personal finance and small business management. Design includes research, script layout, scriptwriting,  and storyboarding of interactive content.

Previews unavailable due to NDA.

18 lesson course on Credit Scores and Credit Recovery. Deliverables included written content broken up into digestible modules with supplemental charts, diagrams, and images, APA cited research, and assessments for each lesson. © C.C. Advising


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Vialok is security SaaS for the mortgage, real estate, and title industries. The company wanted to provide clients with instructions on security best-practices to be used in conjunction with their product.

CDM Software is dental office-management software. This is the first iteration of the user manual distributed with the software.